The List of 5 Best Companies for Whiteboard Animation to grow your Business

Written by Aditya Vikram

Whiteboard animation video has gained huge popularity in the past few years ago. Whiteboard animation refers to the process of drawing and recording the illustrated story with the help of a whiteboard. When we talk according to Foresight, then we have found out that only 3% of your targeted audience is willing to buy your product and services from you. This simply means that the visitors are looking for more informational concepts and content on your website as compared to buying impulsively. Therefore, in order to increase the visitors to your website, you need to create a whiteboard animation.

There are a huge number of whiteboard animation companies in the market and if you are searching for anything to get out of a pickle, then it will become very easy from this article. In this article, you will get the top 5 whiteboard animation companies that provide you with the best quality whiteboard animation services. Read the further information given in this article.

Top 5 Whiteboard Animation Company:

  • Essence studio: This company is the best whiteboard animation company that is capable of tailoring your video to your audience, needs, and marketing goals. We all know that customization makes a huge difference when it comes to putting your whiteboard explainer video up against the content uploaded by your competitors. Due to this, all the videos provided by us are customizable so that we can customize them according to your needs and according to the content of your audience. One of the biggest things is that with us, you will get a sensible price without sacrificing the video quality. We have received acclaim for the efforts of our team to spread awareness with the help of our perfect whiteboard animation videos.

We have been making whiteboard animation videos for more than 1.64M hours. We have a team of experts who are experts in all the fields regarding video and they are always updated with the latest technology. Therefore, you will get the best quality of video along with its design. The process of video production is flexible, efficient and effective, which is a part of our internal working structure. The video provided by us is designed in such a way that it helps you to grow your business. We can proudly say that we are the best whiteboard animation company.

  • Cognitive: The other company that comes in the top 5 whiteboard animation companies is Cognitive. This is composed of outstanding animators which are a creative studio that is trying to break the boundaries of animation. They have created their own style which got huge popularity namely RSA style whiteboard animation. It is created in such a way that it is unlike anything in the history of whiteboard animation. Along with this, they have collaborated with a lot of NGOs such as Amnesty International and the Bill Gates Foundation. The major focus of this company is on creating a visual solution to bring attention to crucial issues in the philosophical and political realm.
  • Creamy animation: This company has been making whiteboard animation videos for more than 8 years. They construct simple, effective, engaging and informative videos according to the needs and requirements of their clients and visitors. They also add the input of their clients in creating the script that is added to the video. They easily understand what the client wants and start working on that. You will get the best quality of services with creamy animation in a minimum amount of time and in a minimum amount of money.
  • Semalt video: Semalt video is one of the top companies of whiteboard animation. Their team of experts has a unique approach in order to devise the whiteboard animation on behalf of their clients. Their clients have no need to apply any extra efforts in order to get a perfect video just need to select and provide the template URL. Their experts will do everything on behalf of their clients. The clients also have no need to help them in writing scripts and selecting images. They just need to tell their concept for the video. Their expert animators will do everything with themselves.
  • Video guru: The last but not the least in the list of top 5 whiteboard animation companies. They come up with a distinct approach by bringing you fresh energy to keep on providing you with new methods of creativity depending on the latest trends. Their team loves the work they do due to which they put their full time, attention and efforts into making them the best. You will get the best quality of services with great prizes. The video provided by us is amazingly reliable. And the factors that are very important for us are being quick and professional because these factors also provide you with some benefits.

At the end of the day, after searching for the best whiteboard animation company, we come up with our own specifications at Essence studios, we focus on fulfilling the needs of our clients by providing you with the best services in minimum time and money. Our priority is to satisfy our customers by meeting all their needs and requirements.

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