How to Migrate Email from Yahoo Mail to Outlook

Written by Manoj

Yahoo Mail is one of the oldest email service providers in the world. It has millions of email users. But, Microsoft Outlook overruled Yahoo Mail and gained more users than Yahoo. Its advanced security features provide users an option to move from Yahoo Mail to Outlook. 

But users have to transfer their Yahoo mailboxes to the Outlook to access them in the Outlook. In this article, I am going to explain “How to Migrate Email from Yahoo Mail to Outlook” without facing any difficulties.

Why Transfer Yahoo Mail to Outlook?

There are different situations which lead to Yahoo Mail migration to Outlook. Some of these are given below:

  • More Advanced security features of the Microsoft Outlook protect your email data from data breach.
  • Flexibility of Outlook application encourages users to move from Yahoo Mail to Outlook.
  • Outlook has more useful functions than Yahoo Mail.
  • Microsoft brand and its Office suite is more popular than Yahoo.

How to Migrate Email from Yahoo Mail to Outlook Manually

Manual methods of Yahoo Mail migration are free techniques based on features of the Outlook and Yahoo Mail email clients. Manually, you can migrate Yahoo mailboxes to the Microsoft Outlook with the help of these steps:

  1. Launch the Outlook application and go to Files option.
  2. Next choose Info and move to Add account.
  3. Now, select Manually Configure Server Settings and hit Next to continue.
  4. Then, select Internet Email from Add New Account window and click Next.
  5. In the new tab provide your Yahoo Mail account address and password to login your Yahoo account.
  6. Next enter as an incoming mail server and type as outgoing mail server.
  7. After that choose the POP3 account type from the menu.
  8. Next provide a name for the account in the mail account field.
  9. After that choose the Outgoing Server tab and check user settings and SMTP authentication.
  10. Then move to Advanced tab and enter 995 for POP3 server and type 465 for SMTP server.
  11. Next choose SSL as encryption mode and ensure that ‘This Server requires an encrypted connection’ is selected.
  12. Hit OK , Next and click Finish.
  13. Then exit from Outlook and restart the MS Outlook.
  14. In the Outlook application click send/receive tab and choose option send/receive all folders.
  15. Now, all your Yahoo Mail folders are visible in Outlook.

Here, you can easily access your Yahoo mailboxes in the Microsoft Outlook. But this manual method is time consuming and difficult to understand by novice users. Hence, it is recommended to use a third party tool for easy and safe migration of Yahoo mailboxes.

Using Professional Tool

The best and easiest approach to export Yahoo emails is using a professional tool. The professional tool available in the market can migrate your emails and other data without any hassle. Yahoo Email Backup Tool is one such professional utility that can transfer all your Yahoo data to different email clients including Outlook. 

This professional tool has a simple and interactive software interface which assists its users to run the tool smoothly. You need to follow these sets of instruction to migrate Yahoo Mail emails to Outlook:

  1. Download and run the professional Yahoo Mail Backup tool on your PC.
  2. Launch the professional tool.
  3. Now, in the software window enter Yahoo Mail address and password to login to your Yahoo Mail account.
  4. Then choose the email client as Outlook to transfer your Yahoo mailboxes to the Outlook and press Next button.
  5. After that in the new tab select all the Yahoo Mail email folders like inbox, drafts, sent etc. which you want to transfer to Outlook.
  6. Apply Date Range filter as per your requirements.
  7. Select delete after download if you want to delete mailboxes after migration and hit Next.
  8. Now, a pop will appear, here, provide login credentials of your Outlook account to log in Outlook.
  9. Then the email migration process starts and you have to wait for a minute till the migration process is completed.
  10. At the last, hit OK on the confirmation message and close the professional tool.


In this post, we discussed “How to Migrate Email from Yahoo Mail to Outlook” easily. Here, we detailed all steps involved in manual and professional tool methods to migrate Yahoo emails to Outlook. Also, we discussed different reasons associated with the email transfer from Yahoo Mail to Outlook. This tool can also export Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Thanks for reading this post. I hope you find it helpful.

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