Privacy Policy

Mejorinfo controls the functioning of but it may further add some more website under its list. While operating the website some policies are made regarding your privacy.

Visitors on our website

Mejorinfo keeps an eye on the visitor’s activities. Mejorinfo only deals in non-personal identifying information like their servers, language preference, the date and time of visiting the website and many more. Just to make it easy for the visitors, our team has made a trend section that will show the user what’s trending on this website and many other non-personal information. The idea of collecting the particulars is just to know what the visitors are fond of.

At times we may also collect information like Internet Protocol Address or the comments that the visitor posted on our blog. Just to remind you Mejorinfo can only go through the visitor’s logged server or the Email Id from which the visitor has commented on our blog or article. None of the Visitors can get the sight of these records except us.

Collecting Personal Information

We collect personal information on the basis of how the visitor is reacting to our website. It will get more clear with an example – on creating a new account only Email ID and username will be collected but if the visitor wants any services from us then we will be needing his complete financial information as we do not want any barrier during the transaction. We will not reveal any information related to the visitor in the general public. Information will only be collected when the visitor completely agrees with our terms. We do not rely on forcing the visitors as it is against the policy.

Aggregate Statistics

Mejorinfo may assemble the information of visitors and may also display it on the website, but this information will be related to visitor’s activities, his behavior, how he acts towards our website.

Protection of Personal Information

Mejorinfo only reveals personal information to those who work in their organization like its contractors and mainly its employees who-

  • Agree to keep all the information classified and will not reveal the information to others.
  • Have agreed with us to provide information to those who are living away from their home.
  • Data for the transaction to avail our services on our behalf.

Mejorinfo won’t be selling or disclosing any of the visitor’s personal information unless and until the following cases come across them-

  • If Mejorinfo has to safeguard its copyright and other proprietary rights.
  • If the judiciary makes a new amendment or orders a law.
  • If the Government wants a change for the betterment of its citizens.

If any of the visitors have registered on our website, then he will receive emails from our side more often so that the visitor may remain aware of any of the new updates or the new services starts by us or what is trending on Mejorinfo.


Whenever our website is visited by the visitor or whenever the visitor returns to our website, then automatically a string of information gets stored on the visitor’s computer which generates cookies on his system. Just to remind you this information is only provided by the browser which the visitor uses on his computer system. If the visitor is interested in avail our services, then he can allow otherwise he can disallow the cookies, depends on the visitor’s choice. By doing so he may not be able to know about some features of our website.

Business Transfer

If somehow any third party gains access to Mejorinfo or Mejorinfo gets bankrupt, then that particular third-party will have access to all your information. You will have to agree with the terms and conditions of that third party as set forth in the policy. All the transfer of information will occur in accordance with the agreement.


The cookies which are embedded by Mejorinfo will be under our supervision and the ones which are created by our advertisement partner aren’t covered by us. Some cookies are also set by our advertisement partner as soon as they publish ads on our website. These are organized in such a way that they can know the interest of the visitor, what they are up to. So, this will also depend on the visitor’s choice, he will not be forced to get started with services.

Changes in Privacy Policy

You must regularly go through our Privacy Policy page to get updated about any minor changes made. A registered member will most frequently get alerts or Email from our side so that he may get aware of the changes made in the privacy policy. If you are a most frequent visitor on our website or you are involved in various activities of our website like publishing a blog, posting images and many more, then Mejorinfo will consider the fact that you are aware of the changes made in policy and have agreed to it.