Terms & Conditions

Terms of Services

MejorInfo presides over their terms and conditions which mainly comprises images, contents, services and lastly products on their website. The team members run this website under their supervision and the website is owned by MejorInfo.com. The user needs to be aware of all the alterations, terms and conditions, rules and procedures before he gets access to this website.

The user should have in-depth knowledge of the agreement before he gets access to this website. If the user uses any content of the website, then he is confined to follow all the terms and conditions which are mentioned in the agreement. Keep at the back of your mind that only after accepting the agreement user can get access. Users who are under the age of 13 can’t get access to this website as it violates the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Mejor Info Account and Site: – The user will be responsible for all the actions which will occur on the website which mainly consist of creating a new account, publishing blog, and many more. The user needs to have an eye on all the misleads that occur on the website and according to that necessary security measures should be taken to avoid this mishappening again in the future. Keywords that are used in your content should be very precise and accurate. If MejorInfo finds your content inappropriate and illegitimate, then it has got the right to pull out your content or if you find that a certain account is under threat or any unauthorized blog is being published then you can immediately notify us.

Contributor’s Responsibility: – User should be very careful while posting an image, publishing the blog or commenting on other’s blogs or passing any other external link that’s because if the audience that is going through your content gets any damage then you will be responsible for all the mishaps. Posting images, audio, text, software or graphics will represent:

  • The content should be free of viruses, broken links, malware, and Trojan horses or any other links that can harm the reader.
  • Pornographic and unlawful contents are prohibited as it violates the agreement.
  • Contents should not be used for promotional purposes or for any other commercial use of the third party or for boosting up the rank of another website.
  • There should a name on the blog which you have published. Third-party contents are not allowed. User has the right to remove the blog which is published by an unknown name.
  • Mejorinfo technical team should be aware of all the coding which have been used in your content.
  • If you are posting a copy write content, then you should have the permission of the employer before posting it.
  • Downloading the content should not actively break the proprietary rights, trademarks, trade rights of any other third party.

After submitting the content, we have the right to modify or publish your content which will be cost-free. If any content is deleted by your side, then automatically it will be deleted by Mejorinfo team excluding the cached content.

Any content which violates the agreement and policy of MejorInfo or which can damage the reader will be removed instantly by MejorInfo. At any point of time, we can take away the access from any user and just remind you, none of the amounts will be refunded which have been paid earlier.

Payment and Renewal

  • General Terms: once you choose your product, payment will be done monthly or yearly depends on your choice. Fees will be charged from the day you logged into your upgraded account. Just to remind you again this fees will be non-refundable.
  • Automatic Renewal: As soon as your subscription expires, your account will be renewed automatically as we auto-renewal policy and the amount will be deducted automatically. If you wish to discontinue our services, then you just need to raise a request in writing to MejorInfo. All the services of MejorInfo will be discontinued for you just after getting the request.


  • Fees payment – After you have signed in, the applicable fees will be invoiced to you stating from the date of sign in. Terms and conditions for the payment of fees can be changed by MejorInfo prior to Thirty days. If you want the services to be discontinued, make sure to give 30 days’ notice before cancelling the services.
  • Support– MejorInfo will provide you all the support which are mentioned in the agreement. All the procedures will occur in accordance with the policies. Email support will be provided by our side to provide you technical assistance at any point of time via Email which will take at least 7 working days.

Responsibility of Visitors

It is not only the responsibility of the host to review the content but also the visitors should be aware of any objectionable or malicious content. On controlling the functioning of the website, MejorInfo consider its content to be true but the visitors need to be cautious of the spam, broken links or any other harmful or malicious content which can damage their computer system. MejorInfo will not be responsible for any damage caused to the visitors since the website may contain unobjectionable content which can violate the third party or it can violate the policies, terms and conditions. So, be watchful before downloading any image or any content from the website as it can make a harmful impact on your computer system.

Contents On Other Websites: – As mentioned earlier, MejorInfo cannot go through all the contents that are issued on their website so the website may contain any external links why may corrupt your computer system. MejorInfo will not be responsible for any third party links as we only endorse in our own website rather than giving approval for any other external links just to boost up their ranks. If we found a visitor who is regularly violating the policies of the website, then that particular visitor will be terminated automatically.

Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy: – Since we hold high regard for intellectual property rights for others so our expectations from others would be the same. If somehow any content violates the copyright policy of any third-party organization, then feel free to inform us. We will retort on such notices to you as soon as possible and disable all the links that lead to such contents.

Intellectual Property Rights: – The proprietary names which are also the registered trademark for our website are MejorInfo,MejorInfo.com and MejorInfo logo. All the rights are reserved by us. The website also contains many other logos, services, graphics which are third-party trademarks. We do not give you the right to copyright their content or any other trademarks as it will violate the policies and you may get terminated from the website.

Advertisement: – As the rightful owner, MejorInfo can publish an advertisement on your blog. If you want an ad-free account, you will have to get a subscription for that.

Attribution: -At some point in time, your blog will get some attribution links. MejorInfo can post those links in the header or footer.

Partner Product: – You can activate the product partner only after agreeing to the terms of the services of the partner. The terms of the services will be discontinued after deactivating the partner product.

Domain Names: -If you are planning to shift your previously registered Domain to a new Domain name then make sure that the new domain name should fulfill all the terms and conditions mentioned under ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Changes: – MejorInfo can only make alterations in the agreement and it’s the responsibility of the user to examine the agreement from time to time so that the user may remain aware of the changes. If you are consistent in publishing the content that means you are aware of the changes made in the agreement and you have accepted the new agreement. If in the future MejorInfo plans to make new offers and services, then it will be made in accordance with the privacy policy, terms, and conditions.

Termination: – MejorInfo at any point of time can take away access from you without any reason. On disagreeing with the agreement, your access is terminated. You can’t access some part of the website or the whole website, depends on the owner of the website. If you fail to agree to the agreement within 30 days, then your warranty will get void and there will be no reimbursement.